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What a Difference Even a Few Hours Can Make...

Today, we added another impressive boy to our PHC family... His name is Oden and he is a Bordeaux X Mastiff ... I believe this breed is referred to as an "Ultimate Mastiff".

Oden will be two years old in May this year and has the wonderful nature of most of the Bordeaux dogs... While he is physically 'as strong as an ox', he is still a very gentle and placid fellow and will be an excellent family dog... I would like to offer a huge thank you to Louie, Sonja and Liam... a wonderful family who are fairly new to Mount Isa and are fostering this big boofy boy... You can see from the photo below that he is more than happy with this turn of events.

It will be great to see how Oden's story unfolds over the next few weeks.


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