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Our Second Litter of Seven..

Today we have fielded calls from all over Australia (and even one from New Zealand) offering to help out with the litter of seven Bull Arab X pups.... We are happy to say that we were able to keep the whole litter of seven together which is the best outcome since they are only young and have already been separated from their mum.
Meanwhile we have another litter of seven pups in care but they are lucky to have their very caring mum with them..

Remember our delightful "winter" babies - they are growing fast and becoming playful and squabbling like all little siblings - so much fun!!!

We have some cute new photos compliments of their carer - Danae... We have tried to work out the breed of the mum and the closest we can come is that she is a smaller version of a Ridgeback X... her features and temperament give the clues.
Happily, the mum (Winta) is the first of the family to be adopted which doesn't often happen.


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