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Hello... Pleased to Meet You! ..........I'm Perry!

Hello everyone... A few days ago I was so frightened as I found myself alone in the big wide world... There were lots of scary things out there... I hid in the bushes when big dogs went by with their loud barks and when big coloured machines made roaring noises as they raced by.

I was so relieved when a nice lady called Shanelle picked me up and took me home to look after me. She bathed and fed me and bought me a collar and a toy.... I've never had a toy before so I love chewing and playing with it. They put my photo on Facebook and checked for a microchip at the vet but there was no one to collect me.

I am now with Sharon from PHC and I know my future is looking better every day... I have my new toy to keep me company. Everyone at the vet kept telling me how cute I am so I am confident I will have my own home very soon.

Please call Sue to meet me in person on 0456 664 255.


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