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Pooka was rescued from the pound after he had sat in the cage all alone and forlorn for nearly a week.  He is about five months old and is probably a bull arab X.

He has beautiful chocolate brindled patches scattered over his white body. He is a quiet soul, very laid back and is enjoying his new found freedom.

[11th March 2016]


  • Sex:  Male

    Age:  5 months @ 11th March 2016

    Breed:  probably a bull arab X

    Desexed:  Not yet



    House trained:  Yes

    Inside or outside dog:  Both inside and outside

    Good with children:  Yes

    Good with cats:  Yes

    Good with other dogs:  Yes

  • Pooka is a gentle old soul.  He is very affectionate and loves his cuddles.  He also loves his food!  He is very good with our cat - finds her fascinating especially when she tries to cuddle him. 

    He is fully house-trained and spends time inside and outside.  At night he sleeps inside on his dog bed and if he happens to need to go to the bathroom, he will wake you up.

    Pooka will sit for his meal and has been trained not to run away when we have the gates open.

    He is a bit shy of the water when we take him out to the river, however he  will sit still when you give him a bath.


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