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Our Older Dogs Are Special Too...

Now that most of our current pups have been adopted, we need to work on our slightly older pups and dogs which all have their own special qualities.... The great thing about our more mature dogs is that they are usually more settled and are house trained and have been socialised with other animals since most of our carers have dogs, cats or children and sometimes have all three.

POPLAR is a gorgeous Staffy X who was returned to us after about 8 months because of a change in the owner's circumstances which is always disappointing... She has been a delightful girl and generally gets along with other dogs including pups and is now not much over a year old.... She loves interaction with people and enjoys some exercise.
Poplar can manage on her own if there is lots of interaction with her family although she does enjoy canine company as well. Right now, she has taken to mothering a pup owned by the foster carer and is loving the role.

Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet our lovely Poplar.


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