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Boomerang Season... Most We've Ever Had!!!

PHC works very hard to find permanent homes for our animals so it is always disappointing when they are returned for whatever reason.... and some of those reasons are just as disappointing!! However, we do everything possible to bring our "rescues" back into care so that they are not abandonned or rehomed inappropriately...
Recently Poplar (Sativa) and Mulberry (Check out the next post!) were returned to us through no fault of their own so they are now looking for new homes...
(Check out the next post for photos and info about Mulberry!)

I took some photos of Poplar this morning and she was quite happy to sit on request and is so photogenic. This young lady was born at the end of October last year so she is just over a year old. She is a Staffy X with a happy nature and, like most members of her breed, she likes people and is quite gentle with kids. She is happiest when she is spending time with the family and their activities. She already follows some basic commands and she listens to you so she will find it quite easy to adapt to a new situation.
Even though she is a very strong girl, if a child is leading her she adjusts her pace to suit. (She even does it for me when I remind her I can't walk fast.)

To meet this pretty Staffy X girl, ring Sue on 0456664255.