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They Are Short, Long and Stumpy - But Such Good Girls....

Pip and Poppy are two sisters who came into our care over a month ago... They are such well behaved girls and are very keen to please... The sisers are well balanced and easy going so we believe that they could be separated provided they have a canine buddy or someone who is mostly at home.

They are shorter than a British Staffy but quite a bit longer so they are most probably Staffy X Daschund... They have sturdy and quite muscular bodies and are strong little characters. They would weigh between 12 and 15 kilos so are in the small medium range.They were enjoying daily walks but Margie and Graham have had to go away for medical reasons and the girls moved to their temporary carers this morning....Thanks Tami and Peter for helping out.

I think either dog would be a great family pet and would love to be included in all the activities on offer.

To meet either Pip or Poppy or both, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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