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An Impressive MUM...

Raisin was surrendered to the pound with her three remaining pups and PHC rescued them just over a week ago.
There were two male pups (Sultana and Cranberry - see last post) and one female (Currant) who has already been adopted.

Mum RAISIN has done a great job with her pups which were chunky and feisty little demons while poor old mum was way too skinny. It became clear that she had had enough of her pups and their sharp little teeth were inflicting a lot of pain on her long suffering teats. As a result we have moved her to a new foster carer (Thanks Tayla) so that she could have some peace.

Raisin is quite young herself so this is likely to be her first litter. She has the energy of a Kelpie and is a very smart young lady. She will need to have an active family who will have time for lots of exercise to keep her happy. She cn also jump lower fences so a secure yard will be important. However, I believe this beautiful girl will be woth the effort and will be a loyal companion.

To meet Raisin, ring Sue on 0456664255


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