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She's Beautiful! She's Affectionate!! She's Flawed!!

Raisin is a stunning Kelpie X Rottweiler with vivid colouring, lots of energy and a clever mind. She can be so affectionate and kooky and entertaining with those she trusts.

However, Raisin has a problem so she will need some work and lots of patience... We rescued her from the pound so we don't know her history and therefore we are not sure what has triggered her behaviour. It appears that once she has become attached to her family, she then becomes over protective which can cause some real problems for friends.

Raisin is currently with foster carers (Melissa and Sam) and they have been amazingly patient with her but so far the problem is not going away. Unfortunately they are about to go on holidays so we desperately need a carer before end of December. At this stage, it would be better for her to be in a household where she is an only dog until we can sort out her problem.

The only other option for her are the kennels and we feel that this would be a huge backward step for her.We are hoping that there is a carer who would like the challenge of looking after this girl for a while.

Please ring Sue on 0456664255 if you can help with this girl. I think we could do with a "dog whisperer!


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