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Little Lady Rescued From Doomadgee

This little breed girl was found lying on the side of the road in Doomadgee when she was just a pup less than 2 months old. She was worse for wear so was rescued by a young lady who found her.. Raven has since been cared for and brought back to health and is now ready to find her permanent home. She is a delightful black and tan girl who is possibly a Kelpie X Terrier mix and is the size of a Corgi.

Raven is a happy and enthusiastic young lady who likes children and gets on well with other dogs. She is like all rescued dogs, who almost seem to know that they have been given a second chance and are always so grateful for this opportunity.
Raven is still very much a puppy so she is full of beans and loves to play. She enjoys having a selection of toys to keep her busy and will happily chase a ball and play 'tug-a-war'.

If you have room at your house for a cheeky little black dod, come and meet Raven. Just ring Sue on 0456664255 to make a date.


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