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REAPER - This gentle fellow has a tale to tell...........


At the end of March, PHC received multiple messages and calls about a dog which had been put in the dog park on Transmission Street. It appears that he had turned up at the Sikaran Club and, rather than call the pound, he was put in the dog park in the hope that an owner would turn up in response to posts on Facebook.


However, no one did come for him - and even we put out a post about his situation because we had no carers...Then we heard he was injured and it also occurred to me that he was a 'sitting duck" for the wrong sort of people...posts were appearing all over advertising a Pitbull X alone in the park.

So, of course, we picked him up and moved him to the yard of a vacant house which was being renovated... Reaper is such a gentle boy, it wasn't long before the neighbour took pity on him and took him under his wing. Thanks Sean and your family for looking after the big boy so well....
Reaper is amazing with Sean's six year old son and has a wonderful gentle temperament...the foster family love him but they travel a lot so adoption is not really an option.


We have since found out that his name is Reaper and his original owner left town and put him with someone who was to find him a new home... Obviously that didn't work too well!!!


This magnificent boy is now officially looking for a permanent home... He is strong as an ox but incredibly gentle when he needs to be. He has visited the vet and his injuries have been treated.


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