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A Mini Mum and More Pups..

Yesterday morning, we bailed out a very frightened mum with her three super chunky pups from the pound... The little mum was terrified and it upset me to see how badly she was shaking... However, by afternoon, the little lady realised that she and her babies were being well looked after by their carers. (Thank you to Bronwyn and Perry for your help!)

Our carers have given names to the little family so stumpy mum is Minnie (or MiniMum for our data base) and the all white girl is Elsa, the black girl is Whitney, and the only boy is Rolly as he is a real rolly polly.

MiniMum has been such a nurturing little woman which explains the very healthy condition of the pups plus the fact that they are also a very happy and confident little crew. They have been running around their big yard with carefree abandonment and enjoying their freedom after a week. It is a delight to watch their excitement and exuberance..

To meet Minimum or her pups ring Sue on 0456664255.


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