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This little man (who is approx 8 weeks old) was brought into our care a couple of weeks ago after being found abandoned at a property….. he wasn’t in the best condition and had a nasty bout of worms. It is so important to worm puppies regularly (from two weeks of age) -as worms can do a lot of damage.

However he bounced back and made his first trip to the vet last week. While at the vet it was decided by staff and customers he should be called “Romeo” as everyone fell in love with his eyes and also his hilarious antics (growling at the vet and then next minute quite happy to lap up her cuddles) …. His foster carer has also nicknamed him Scrappy as he has personality plus!

Romeo LOVES attention but also thinks he is a TOUGH boy…… he has been very entertaining to say the least.

We do not know what breed this boy is – there were many guesses from terrier x to cattle x to staffy x so we will say he is a Mount Isa Special and we all know they make the best pets!

If you would like to meet Romeo/Scrappy… please message the page or call/text Paula on 0499198949.

Romeo (aka Scrappy)

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