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Two Mini Travellers From Normanton.. Both Sweeties!!

The owner of two minis had to make the sad decision to surrender them to us after her husband's medical problems meant a move to Cairns. Normanton does not have a medical facility with the means to help them and their future home does not allow pets - always an upsetting scenario. However, we have promised that we would find the pair owners who would love and care for them in happy homes.
Fortunately, the four month old pure Jack Russell has already moved to such a home this morning. He was called Jugga and was only recently rescued in the last two months as he was having a bad start to his young life. Kevin and his family are so excited to give this boy his new start plus a new name to begin this journey so he will now be called BINGO! He is still very timid but, since he is young, it won't take him long to adjust once he realises that no one is going to hurt him. His symmetric tri-coloured markings make him a very handsome young lad.

Meanwhile, Rosie is a well adjusted Corgi X who was rescued some years ago after spending the first years of her life chained up with little attention. Joy removed her from that situation and has had her ever since so she is now eight years old. Rosie is such a pretty girl with her creamy gold coat and her dark expressive eyes and especially her big smile. She is friendly and affectionate and loves to be petted and given attention. We would like to see her in a home where she will have someone around most of the time and where she will be welcome inside.

If you think you have the right home to offer to Rosie, ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet her. You will not be disappointed. 


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