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Hi everyone!! We are the last two of our litter still looking for our forever homes. We came into PHC’s care in early March along with our siblings, Nomad, Pilgrim, Stroller, Gadabout and Gypsy who have all now been adopted…. this makes us so very happy…….

However, we are a little sad as no one has asked to meet us?!?!!?…. we are feeling a little heartbroken as we can’t understand why because we are super duper chilled pups - we are great with little kids - and we are not even phased by our foster carers cat!

Our dad is an American Bulldog and our mum a Retriever X Blue Heeler. We are about 16 weeks old. We do absolutely love our foster carer and his family (thanks Lachlan!) but we would like to find our permanent homes soon.
If you would like to meet us, please send PHC a message or call/text Paula on 0499198949.


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