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Meet Sable, a little Kelpie X Staffy rascals. While I couldn't see much Staffy, she certainly sounded like that breed with all her talking and odd noises.

Sable has a coat just like the animal which is her namesake.  She has a black muzzle and tail and black highlights along her back.  She is between 7 - 8 weeks old.


Remember the litter of three 7 week old pups which came out of the pound not quite three weeks ago. Nutella and Tanner have been adopted leaving just little Sable looking for her forever home.

Today, she moved as her current foster carer will be away for a week. She has grown up already and has learned to sit and come to her name. She is a delightful little sweetie and will reward her owners with lots of cuddles and mischief.

[27th July 2016]


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