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A Helping Hand Can Be The Difference Between LIfe and Death...

Santa was lying in the street, (bruised, punctured and battered) when Darcie decided that enough was enough and decided to look after him. It appears that Santa had been left behind and wasn't handling street life too well. He was being attacked by ruffian street dog gangs even though he laid down in surrender. Santa had been consistently attacked and his condition was deteriorating rapidly.. If it weren't for Darcie's compassionate intervention, , there is little doubt that Santa would no longer be alive.

Since there is no vet on Mornington Island, I am sure that Darcie had to improvise on more than one occasion.. She managed to get a course of antibiotics for Santa and that plus some nutritious food soon had Santa looking a lot better. During his recovery, Darcie called on PHC to see if we could take this gentle boy into care. We were short of carers so it was going to be a challenge but we simply couldn't leave him on Mornington Island to suffer. Our next challenge was to get him to Mount Isa but $600 lbought him a trip with Dogtainers on Rex.

Well Santa finally arrived at around 6pm tonight and his first trip was to see our vet. As well as multiple scars, Santa has problems with his front legs and with his ears, both possibly arising from the injuries he had previously sustained. He will be Xrayed and desexed as soon as possible and we have been lucky to get a spot booked in possible for next Thursday. Today he was vaccinated and checked over.

It appears that Santa is more comfortable around men so it is possible that he once had a male owner. Meanwhile we will be doing our very best to make sure that he has a happy life.


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