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SHADOW Needs a New Home...


Sadly one of our "berry" pups needs to find a new home... She was previously Blackberry and her owners' circumstances have changed so they feel they don't have enough time for her... The litter of 'berries' were born on 9 May so just reached one year old two days ago...
Their Rottweiler mum died when they were two days old so they were hand-fed by Rache - one of our dedicated carers. As a result they thought they were mini people and were a very friendly little crew.

Most of the 'berries' have only reached a medium size so, even though they have Rottie characteristics, we think they could be crossed with a Kelpie... Shadow is still as good looking as she was as a pup but has just gained some maturity. All the pups from this litter are fairly energetic and love to run and go for walks.

I saw Shadow on the weekend for the first time since the middle of last year and she is looking great and is as friendly as ever as you can see from the photos. This girl would love to be a part of an active family where she will be included in lots of activities.
Come and meet Shadow (Blackberry) by ringing Sue on 0456664255.


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