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She's cheeky, cute, chubby and chaotic which is quite normal for a healthy puppy.  This little cherub was sitting all alone at the pound and was unhappily wailing about her incarceration. How could I leave her there when today was D-Day.

She is a Rottwieler X and is about 8 weeks old and has plenty of 'sass' for such a little girl.  Would you like to add her to your family?
[15th April 2016]

Sheeba is the cutest little imp and is still just a baby - only about 9 weeks old. She is happy to be inside and outside and is comfortable with larger dogs. She is possibly a Rotweiller X and was rescued from the pound so we are not able to find any history.

[28th April 2016]

Sheeba - ADOPTED APRIL 2016

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