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Double Trouble!! Two Peas in a Pod!!

Huey and Shelby! These two love each other's company and play till they drop and then nap curled up together like two peas in a pod...They can be seen wrestling and chasing each other with total abandon throughout the day. I love to see this from two dogs which would have died had it not been for PHC paying for the treatment required to save their lives.

These two Parvo survivors are enjoying life to the fullest.... They are growing quickly now that they have fully recovered. Even though they are from two totally different litters from two different places, they are the same size and are growing at the same rate. They are both about 4 months old so it would be great to see them in their permanent homes soon....

Shelby is becoming prettier with the passing of every day and Huey becomes more mischievous with a real glint in the eye. They are both very affectionate and like to be near people so will both do well with a family which includes them... They would both like to have a canine buddy to make their lives complete...

Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet one of these bubbly and enthusiastic pups..


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