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SHERBERT…. A True Rescue


Back in July last year, Missy Moo and her five pups were rescued from Kowanyama by Donna and her husband Des. Amazingly, Donna and Des made the very long trip from Townsville to Kowanyama to Mount Isa and then back to Townsville again.... just to pick up Missy Moo and her pups to bring them into PHC’s care. Now that is what I call dedication!


While Donna was in the Kowanyama community for work, she noticed that Missy Moo and family were living under a kindergarten. Donna truly believed that Missy Moo would only have lasted another couple of days without intervention. Donna made some enquiries and no one in the community owned them or were caring for them. Donna entrusted the help of some security guards who fed the family while she returned to Townsville to unload her car and return with an empty car to transport the family to Mount Isa.


When Missy Moo and her five pups arrived, they were in a bad way - their coats had missing hair exposing patches of mange and hundreds of fleas were crawling all over them - they also had what looked like mosquito bites everywhere.


Our hearts broke - their skin looked immensely sore from where they had been constantly scratching and it must have just been horrendous for them. They also had a heavy burden of worms along with all the signs of malnutrition. Mum and pups were promptly vaccinated, wormed and set on a course of antibiotics and antihistamines to help the with their ever so itchy skin. Four weeks later and they were looking amazing and so much healthier.


The pups were all quite frightened when they came into PHC’s care and understandably so.... but they gained confidence with each passing day…… except for Sherbert. While she is quite timid with new people, Sherbert does have a lot of love to give to the right person.


She will need a special person - someone who has patience and is able to put an effort in and work with her to build up that trust and let her show you her affectionate side.If you would like to meet Sherbert, please message our page or call/text Paula on 0499198949.


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