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Skippy - Full Of Life, Full of Fun!


He's a Red cattle X pup and is around 6 months old. Skippy is such a happy young fellow and bounds about with enthusiasm and loads of energy. He loves to play and is good with other dogs and people - he just wants to be everybody's friend.


We bailed Skippy out of the pound two weeks ago so we don't know where he came from or why he was in the pound. I suspect that it is a similar story to many of the working dogs which come into our care...They are super cute puppies but as they get older, their activity levels increase so they need lots of exercise to burn off that extra energy. If they are just left in a backyard without walks, stimulation and training they will get bored and create problems.


However, with exercise and training, they can be wonderful companions with so much loyalty to offer their families.


Skippy is one of these dogs and will be happiest with a canine buddy to run about with and a family who includes him in their lives.


To meet Skippy, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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