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This little fellow has been railing against his imprisonment and has spent the week howling, yelping, wailing and barking so much so that today he has lost his voice and little croaks are all that he can manage.  In spite of this he is a feisty and determined little boy and was SUPER excited to be out.  I think everyone at the vet was captivated by his antics.

Sprinkle has been introduced to his new foster buddy and has worn himself out and he is probably having his first relaxed sleep in a week tonight.  He is about 11 - 12 weeks old and has an attractive brindle coat and possibly has some Ridgeback in his genes. 

[15th April 2016]

TomTom (was Sprinkle) - adopted June 2016

  • This is 'Sprinkle' - he was stubborn in the way that he never responded to his rescue name and instead decided TomTom was more fitting.

    TomTom is a free spirited and fun loving pup.  He has been in foster care for 5 weeks since being rescued from the pound which has not affected him one bit.

    He is approx 4-5 months old and is a beautiful light and dark brindle with highlights of silver all through his coat.

    He is highly adaptable with any environment, he currently resides with 2 other dogs and a family.

    If you think TomTom could be your loving little mate then contact PHC to meet him.
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