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SPRITE... Yet Another Boomerang!

It seems that just lately, we have had several of our adopted dogs returned for an assortment of reasons.. mostly through no fault of the dog in question... It is always disappointing to find ourselves looking for another home for one of our animals but we can only hope that their next home works out better for them.
Sprite (currently called May) is one such girl and she is a lovely young lady... She is affectionate and is so keen to make a good impression... Noeline, who is Sprite's foster carer, tells me that she is a "great little dog". She is medium in size and is now about sixteen months old so is not likely to grow much bigger.... Sprite is great with people and particularly children. She has been guilty of being a 'gypsy' and has escaped her previous yard on multiple occasions... However, she has been quite happy to stay put where she is currently living.

I'd love to see this agreeable young lady get a second chance and find a family to look after her... Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet her.


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