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Stampy is a two year old Bull Arab X Dane so he is a BIG and impressive lad but has a beautiful gentle temperament. He is definitely a pet and companion and not suited to hunting as he just wants to be friends with everyone. He has spent lots of time lately leading a true outback life so he likes walks in the bush, he enjoys a swim and he loves to relax by a campfire listening to the yarns after a day of hard yakka.

According to his current owner "He gets on well with just about everything. He just loves to play more than anything else and he even plays with cows. All the dogs he's come into contact with have just been playmates."


This big boofy boy is looking for a home as his owners will soon be moving into accommodation which does not allow animals. We would like to see him with an outdoors type family who will take him camping and on other outdoor adventures. He is so well behaved so will be a pleasure to have around as a companion...

If you think you can offer Stampy a lifestyle similar to the one which he is accustomed to, let us know... Ring Sue on 0456664255o


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