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Meet Suki... Definitely NOT Sookie Which Is How Her Name Is Pronounced...


This beautiful genteel older lady had to be surrendered when her older owner needed to go away to look after her brother. She is a sweetheart with the patience and the wisdom which comes with age.... She was a bit wary of a couple of more exuberant younger dogs but has shown them lots of tolerance... There is not an aggressive bone in her body.


Suki is at least five years old and maybe more so she is a low maintenance girl and is happy to laze around. This could be partly because she is not super nimble and possibly has some arthritis. She loves pats and scratches and always has her tail wagging. It isn't often that we get such a well behaved and loveable older dog.... All she asks for is some love and kindness and some food when she is hungry.


Suki has earned the right to have a calm and happy home for her retirement ... Ring Sue on 0456664255 if you think you have such a home for her.


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