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SIX gorgeous poppets recently joined the PHC crew - welcome Palm, Surf, Wave, Splash, Ocean and Reef!

Would you believe it they are ALL white but they do have a few distinguishing markings, mostly on their ears and some have brown or blue eyes.

Their foster carer purchased all different collars ready for their photo shoot however they had a bit of fun before we arrived (I suspect a game of tug and war ensued) so when we arrived to take their photos a few of them had no collars. The challenge was on...... but luckily it only took a couple of takes to get it right. Thanks for being so patient with me today Colleen!

We have been told these beauties are Cattle Dog/Ridgeback x Great Dane....... and are going on 10 weeks old.

To have your own little slice of paradise, send us a message or call Paula on 0499198949.


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