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It Seems We Have Another Record!!!
This could be a record we would rather not have...


In the first week of March, we bailed out a litter of five pups labelled as "chihuahuas". The tiny little pups certainly looked like Chihuahuas with their elfin faces and their big ears.. absolutely adorable and all were very quickly adopted.


However, nearly four months later, it appears that someone forgot to tell them they were chihuahuas and they just kept growing. SO WE NOW PROBABLY HOLD THE RECORD FOR THE LARGEST CHIHUAHUAS IN AUSTRALIA!!! They are also a VERY lively crew who have a remarkable resemblance to a smaller dingo - but they are none the less adorable with striking looks.

While most of the owners have accommodated the unexpected size, in a couple of cases it has posed a problem. When you have a little old chihuahua who wanted a tiny companion or you wished to travel with your "handbag" pet, there are complications.

As a result, we now have Hazel (who was renamed Suzie) back in our care. One of her brothers has just been rehomed as well.

Suzie is quite an elegant beauty and while she is very active she is also completely loveable. When she is taking time out from play, she loves to snuggle and be petted. She is also unusually clever and learns quickly. Suzie is a social butterfly and loves company of all sorts.


To meet one of Aussie's largest Chihuahuas, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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