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Sweet Pea - A Last Minute Change of Mind.....


This timid brindle girl nearly missed her opportunity to escape the pound... I had seen her on the pound's facebook page last week and she looked gentle so I paid her bail out fees along with Suzuki and Tiptoe... However, on Friday when I went to pick up the trio, Sweet Pea did not react too well so I went without her... We thought it may have been my long black skirt flapping in the breeze which frightened her.


I returned this week in a lighter skirt and got a similar reaction so I nearly had a change of heart. However, I persevered and she calmed down and let me pat her ears so I decided to give her a chance... As soon as we left the pound, she became very shy and quiet and spent most of our time at the vet hiding under my skirt.


She has gone to one of our delightful younger carers and is already coming out of her shell. (Thanks Kristan!)...

I did register her as Tiffany but pound personnel have been calling her Sweet Pea so we are sticking with that.... She is very timid and cannot look us in the face as yet... Every time I pointed the camera in her direction she hid her face behind something... I only managed to sneak one decent photo of her face - and what a pretty face she has.


She is a Staffy X and is between one and two years old.
Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet this shy and gentle lassie.

Sweet Pea

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