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Tazzie has raised her five babies and is now looking for her perfect home. She is only a young lady and very affectionate

Lately we have been inundated with requests to take in newborn kittens, abandoned kitties and cats, plus many older cats because their owners are leaving and can't take them. It is very sad but we mainly have to tell the people ringing us that we are unable to help which disappoints them.

However, we simply do not have enough carers for the demand so there is nowhere for us to place the moggies.

Whenever we do manage to get a new carer, the next person to ring for help strikes it lucky and this was the case for Tazzie and her five bundles of fluff. ( A big thank you to Yvette and Cody. We have given mum and her kittens names beginning with T so they will be the T litter. Mumma tazzie is a sweetheart and is affectionate and placid. This has given her the right qualities to be a great little mum. 


Just ring Sue on 0456664255.


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