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Three gorgeous boys joined us today after their release from the pound... They are almost way too pretty to be boys but they are indeed boys...all in ginger variations.


FLAME sports a ginger coat with lots of white contrasts and white tips over the ginger. He is a little quieter than his brothers but is happy to join in their play but tends to follow the lead of his brothers.


FIREFOX is a vivid orange ginger with a touch of white.. This boy is full of beans and kept us entertained with his antics.


FLARE has a coat which is a pink shade of the palest beige so it is out of the ordinary... He is a little rascal and was actually doing somersaults over the base of the stool in the consult room.


All three kittens are affectionate and happy to be cuddled and handled... They will let you know they are happy with a very definite purr.

If ginger is your colour, come and meet this little trio of fluff by ringing Sue on 0456664255.

Three little Gingers

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