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Happy Endings For Fairytales .....Not Always

Our little "Fairytale" litter have had a tough fact I would call it simply heartbreaking!!! Unfortunately, of the five babies, four succumbed to the dreaded Parvo which has been sweeping our community, and have spent time at the vet on a drip. Peter Pan and Thumbelina have survived to find their happy endings but sadly we lost Cinderella and Tinkerbell..... This was particularly distressing for us as our vet has a 95% success rate with Parvo and these babies fought so hard...

Unfortunately, this litter had a very poor start with a mum unable to feed and care for them so they were already in a compromised condition which reduced their chances. Amazingly, little TomThumb has remained healthy so must have a natural immunity. (I believe that a small percentage of dogs do have this immunity but unfortunately you never know which one.) Please everyone vaccinate your puppies to make sure they are immune to horrendous virus.

Meanwhile, check out the three adorable pups which live on to fight another day... Peter Pan is the chunkiest, boxiest little fellow with a freckled countenance and has totally won the heart of his carers. He is such a good undemanding pup who just loves to have company and a snuggle... Tom Thumb is very similar but has a black patch over his left eye to distinguish him....Little Thumbelina sports two choc/black brindle patches aver her two eyes and is finer than her chubby brothers...

Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet one of our three muskateers.


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