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'We Three Survivors.... Plus One!!'

We three have all looked the dreaded ''parvo" in the face and have fought a brave battle to vanquish this deadly foe. Thanks to Gillian and her team, plus lots of support from the PHC members, we live to fight another day....
We go by the names of HUEY, TIKVAH anf SHELBY and we all spent varying times at the vet at around the same time. Now we are going through the final stages of our recuperation together so we have become the best of buddies....

We even have a slightly older mentor in DOLLY who also survived Parvo a couple of months before us. Dolly has shown us so much patience even when we all wrestle her at the same time ... she just takes it in her stride ..... She has been like a protective older sister and has been such a sweetie. We are all starting to put on some of the weight we lost thanks to some yummy rice, pasta and vegetable dishes with chicken or beef... We even get to have some yoghurt for dessert to counteract the effects of the high doses of antibiotics we've had..... We are almost as good as new and even better still, we will now have a life long immunity to Parvo.

Now that we are ready to find ourselves a permanent home, why not come to meet us...SHELBY, HUEY, TIKVAH or DOLLY..... We're your heroes.


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