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TERRIER X - They Are Big Terriers....

Two white and black outsize terriers were rescued from the pound on Friday... They were both really scared and it was a fight to keep them in the car... They chewed through leads and did everything possible to get out of my car - short of breaking a window.. The boy in particular was shaking like a leaf and, if he could have escaped from my iron grip, he would have done a runner.

However they seem to have settled heaps already under the loving care of Trista and her family. At least their tails were wagging yesterday as they realised that no harm was going to come to them... The sister is a little more outgoing than her brother but I am sure it won't be long before they are both settled and happy.
Suzuki is the boy and he is a solid little tank weighing in at about 16 kilos... Tiptoe is slightly smaller at 13.3 kilos.I have been told that mum is a brindle Staffy X but who knows what dad is???

To meet either of this solid duet, ring Sue on 0456664255.


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