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Fastest Adoption Ever

The little ridgeback was bailed out of the pound on 3rd May and had an amazingly quick adoption. 

Toby was picked up at 3.55pm and had him at the vet by 4.05pm. A gentleman waiting there asked about the pup and, when I said we'd just rescued him so he would be looking for a home, he rang his son.  Apparently his son was on the lookout for a new pup and particularly liked ridgebacks so, after receiving the call, he drove straight to the vet to check out little Toby. Ten minutes later Tasman was signing the adoption papers and was the happy owner of a new pup - less than 35 minutes - that has to be a record!

Toby has an impressive ridge three quarters of the way along his spine and was picked up in from the corridors of the hospital - adventurous little lad.

Toby - ADOPTED MAY 2016

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