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Look at that beautiful little face! 

Trixie is doing well since her rescue from being abandoned and left to starve to death.  She is nice and plump but still needs a home. 

Trixie is still feeling a little insecure and found it hard to leave her companion Duke behind.  However, has adjusted to life with her new carers.... she loves the two girls and gets on well with their older dog.


  • Trixie is a Survivor

    A few weeks ago, Trixie might have been wondering if she was going to be in this world much longer.  This four month old pup had been left behind in a yard with her mate - a large Bull Arab.  It was some time before a neighbour realised the pair were in trouble and called us out.  They were both in a VERY poor and sorry state.  We had previously had calls about a seriously malnourished dog wandering in the George Street area but had missed him.  Apparently he was able to get out but kept going back to his yard - possibly to help the little lady.

    We had no spare foster carers at the time so their caring neighbour - Shanna - agreed to help us out by looking after the sad and lonely pair. This worked out so well that Shanna decided to give the big fellow, now called Duke, a permanent home.

    We would love to see little Trixie also go to a loving home where she will never be starving again.  After a few weeks of good food, she has filled out nicely and shows her appreciation with lots of love.  We don't know what breed she is but she is not likely to be very big.


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