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He's a "TROJAN"

The tall brindle and white boy we have dubbed Trojan found himself in the pound after he was picked up wandering the streets a few weeks back.... He was covered in ticks and fleas and was emaciated and terrified of people. Apparently he has gained weight in the pound so he must have been in a dreadful state as he is still way underweight.


Trojan's luck has definitely changed for the better today as he is now a free man and can look forward to a much brighter future. He actually responds very quickly to a caring voice and manner and I was surprised at how quickly he warmed to anyone who was kind to him.. However, he was still pretty concerned at the vet's surgery because it was all new to him; he wasn't too sure about the checks and needles and therefore wasn't too keen to co-operate.


When he arrived at his foster carers' place, he was very happy to inspect the yard and have a run around.... He was even happier when he was allowed inside; and in no time, he was parked beside Rocharn on the sofa with his head on her lap.

After just a few hours, Rocharn told me that: "You can already see his big heart!" and like me, she believes that a little affection will go a long way with this gentle soul. (Thank you for caring Rocharn!)


Trojan will be looking for a loving home when he has put on some condition. Ring Sue on 0456664255 to meet a boy who will be a great companion dog.


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