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Super Trooper...Shining Like the Sun...Feeling Like a Number One!

Check out Trooper one day after his "Get Out of Jail" card was used. This old gentleman stops the scales at 47.5 kilos and has a big boofy head to match his huge paws. In spite of his size, he is such a gentle and well mannered boy, you just want to hug him.

Late yesterday afternoon, he didn't complain at all when he had to sit and stand in one place while Paula and I removed hundreds of ticks from his body. I think he enjoyed his bath as we massaged the shampoo into his skin and then rinsed him off.

He was definitely worth saving from death row so "thank you so much Hayley for offering him a place in your home." I believe he is also really placid and patient with children.

[27th October 2016]


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