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Today, Tully's Ticket Triumphs!!!🎉🎉🎉

There are often so many animals in the pound, it is hard to choose the lucky ones.... Unfortunately, I have had to accept the fact long ago that PHC cannot save them all.

Today was a lucky one for a young lady we have called Tully. She is a four to five month old Catahoula X and has lots of energy as you would expect from this working breed... She is also a happy and sociable girl and was determined to say hello to everyone who was waiting at the vet - both animals and people!
She was also impatient to run freely (after over two weeks in the pound) but she did just that when she arrived at her foster carer's home. She and her new foster buddy were soon running around playing with enthusiasm and taking turns to splash about in the shell pool with glee. Tully was one very happy young lady and when I last heard, she was busy wearing herself out. A big thank you to Katrina for putting her hand up to foster thus enabling us to rescue Tully. (Katrina tells me that her dog and Tully are a perfect match and haven't stopped playing.)

If you would like to meet this girl, ring Sue on 0456664255. However, you will need to be an active family who is committed to walking or running this girl so that she can use up all her energy.