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TUMERIC is a gorgeous looking MALE pup with a soft golden coat and startling eyes.




We have the pleasure of introducing you to the six of the pups which came into PHC care last week. We have named the pups after six popular spices. They say that 'variety is the spice of life" and there is plenty of variety here with a peppering of different colours for each pup... Their personalities are also different as each is flavoured with its own particular spice - some quieter than others. Why not 'spice' up your life with a selection from the PHC's latest spice rack.


This litter is one of four which came in over a two day period last week. Their mum is a Kelpie so they will be lively although we think dad is a Bull Arab so that gene may give then a more placid streak than the full Kelpie... This will however, mean that they might be bigger than an average Kelpie. At this stage we have been told that they are 5 -6 weeks old so they will be ready to go to their new homes in about a fortnight (but we are taking reservations).


If you are an outgoing family, who enjoys some outings and wants a canine to keep up with you, whynot ring Sue on 0456664255 to organise a meeting.


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