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Viola was bailed out of the pound and it's a while since I have seen a little lady quite so stressed... She was agitated when they carried her out to me from the cages, very fearful when I put a collar around her neck, and super wary of all the activity at the vet's surgery... I was starting to worry that we may have taken on quite a challenge but how things can change.

I told her carer (thank you Jade!) to take things very carefully especially with the children... I needn't have worried as within a very short time, Viola shed her fear and was rolling around on the grass as happy as a lark. She loved the kids and they loved her and frightened Viola disappeared to be replaced by a happy and affectionate little girl.
Check out Viola's worried expression in the vet photos and the complete change in the family photos...😟😃

We were told that she is a Jack Russell and while she has stumpy legs, our vet thinks she is still only a pup (maybe 4 months old so may actually grow bigger than we expected.

Whatever she is, she has won the hearts of her carer's family straight away....


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