Those Pups Who Missed Out....Our Wallflowers!!

Over the last few months PHC has taken in multiple litters but we have been lucky enough to find homes for most of them.
Unfortunately there always seems to be one lonely pup from nearly every litter who misses out.... I can never explain this particularly when the pup left behind is often a favourite with the foster carers or myself. Over the next week, I will be featuring some of these delightful pups who are still waiting patiently for their forever homes.

Today it is WARRIORS who, after a year, is still the only pup left from Clarabelle's remarkable litter of fifteen Sharpei X pups. Even the mum herself was adopted over a week ago.
Warriors was also on RESERVE and about to travel to NSW after his potential family got back from their school holidays... Sadly for Warriors, the family visited another rescue group while they were travelling and fell in love with another dog so once again Warriors has missed the boat. WHY??? This is such a placid and affectionate little man who is so easy to love. He has a happy and sociable nature and loves to play and laps up any attention....
His potential owner wanted to know how Warriors would be as a jogging partner but we didn't know so foster carers - Rob and daughter Kelsie - decided to try him out. Well he certainly impressed us all as he ran along beside Kelsie on his "debut" run. Warriors is a smaller medium sized boy who has an 'old' soul and will make a great buddy for the right family.

To meet Warriors, ring Sue on 0456664255.