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Zaminga - Or 'Zammy' More Affectionately!!


Rescued from the Northern Territory where it appears she had a very rough start. The young lady who picked her up tells us that she was in a very poor state and she was still just a pup... She had hardly any fur left and there were sores all over couldn't even tell what colour she was back then. 

She was terrified of people and it took quite a while for her to calm down and trust people again...


Zammy is now nearly two years old and is a healthy ginger brown colour with vivid and expressive eyes. She is still quite timid with strangers but it doesn't take her long to warm up to love and affection. Like most of the animals rescued from bad situations, she will be incredibly loyal to those she loves and will more than repay the kindness shown to her.

She is currently getting along happily with her new foster buddy - an impressive Retriever...


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