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A litter of seven puppies were rescued from the pound last week. 

The puppies are possible Ridgeback X Bull Arab and have delightful little personalities and some really nice markings. They are playing and fighting together like all sisters and brothers. They seem to be clever and will learn quickly once they start training. Each enjoys a cuddle and they are people friendly.

This lovely girl was the sick one which I nicknamed "Bullfrog" but turned out to be a princess because she is a girl. Zephyr still has some problems from her hookworm infestation but is regaining her health and is proving to be a spirited little lady.

[7th October 2016]


  • Never underestimate the importance of worming puppies - hookworm in particular is an invisible killer.

    On Monday we bailed out a total of 10 pups from the pound, including a litter of seven very young mixed pups. It was clear that one was already quite ill and was covered in a clear sticky vomit. When tested it had a serious infestation of hookworm which was treated aggressively at once. His siblings also received injections to help them combat the same problem.

    However, the little fellow called Zephyr, continued to deteriorate with serious complications affecting his lungs because of fluid issues. He has been on a drip since Tuesday and is putting up a brave fight with lots of cuddles to encourage him.

    He has also had an allergic reaction (possibly due to the dead hookworms in his system) which has caused his face to swell up badly giving him a very puffy appearance akin to a bullfrog which has become my nickname for him when I visit....... I love the feeling of his soft fur when he snuggles into my neck with his fat little face. Today he has finally turned a corner and the swelling is going down and he is breathing easier and enjoying attention.

    Make sure you worm your puppies from 2 weeks onwards to keep them safe and avoid the unpleasant side effects of unwanted worms and possible death.


  • Is that the way the story went? In this case our little "bullfrog" has turned into a princess - and what a pretty little princess she is.


    Zephyr was the puppy from the litter of seven (rescued from the pound) which had a serious hookworm infestation. As a result, her organs were affected by serious complications and her little face blew up to twice its size.


    However, she has recovered fully and is now a typical cheeky puppy running around and getting into mischief. She loves to play but since

    Zephyr has the guidance of several older dogs she is more mature than an average pup.

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