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Oh No!!! It's Another Boomerang!!.... It's Scorpio!

One of our beautiful Zodiac pups has come back to us after just a few months....
Unfortunately, his owner has left town and a change in circumstances meant that Scorpio had to stay behind. This is always disappointing for the team at PHC as we try to get our animals a lifetime home but sometimes things change. The sad reality is that it is much harder to get a home for a pup who is now seven months old as opposed to when he was just a puppy.
However, he is still a very handsome black and white lad with a touch more maturity in the face.... Like all twelve Zodiac pups, he has a great personality and is placid and well mannered. Of course, he loves to play as he still young and he enjoys the company of people and all other dogs. This boy is very affectionate and would love to have a family to call his own.
To be honest, I think he at a great age as he has passed the puppy stage and doesn't appear to be a 'muncher' or 'digger' like many dogs at his age.
Ring Sue on 0456664255 to come and meet Scorpio who now wears the new name of Blake which suits him.


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