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Golden Sand Meets Red Outback....Meet Bondi !


A little blond beauty with a coat the colour of the golden sand on Bondi Beach joined PHC after her release from the pound yesterday. This pretty young lady was full of beans and excitement and happily soaked up some sunshine with her toes in the green grass outside the vet surgery.


Bondi's shorter and chunkier stature gives away her breed - definitely some Staffy in her make up. She is about 8 months old and is a confident and happy pup in good condition.
Bondi would love to join a family where she can bask in the affection of her loved ones... She has lots of energy and will love to join in activities with the kids and I am sure she will enjoy a game of 'fetch'..


To meet Bondi - our little ray of sunshine - ring Sue on 0456664255


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