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One Super Chunky Little Monkey....HECTOR!!

Hector tasted freedom yesterday afternoon after his release from the pound but kept his cool. After some of the crazy behaviour I have witnessed in the first few hours after a pound release, Hector was by contrast quite placid.

As always, we are left guessing about his age and breed but we have settled on 6 months old with at least some American Bulldog in his make-up. This solid little fellow has such a manly face and a strong robust build and his overshot jaw makes him super cute. You just want to squeeze him with a cuddle.

Hector was friendly with other dogs and was already showing lots of affection so he is going to be a great little companion.
He is not going to be a very tall dog and is likely to stay shorter than medium.

To meet Hector, ring Sue on 0456664255.

(The first two photos were taken by Animal Control - I have used them as they are so much clearer than mine... I was having trouble with the light plus the phone I am using to replace mine while it is being repaired - hopefully.🤞)


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