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Moccona - She's Easy On The Eye With A Delicate Blend Of Colour..


Moccona is simply inviting with an attractive blend of caramel and milky shades. She exudes subtle hints of warmth and affection and has many of the features of the smooth coffee she is named after. She could certainly become an enjoyable habit and bring delight to the beginning of every day.


Her 'Cleopatra' eyes are magnetic with black eyeliner highlighting their depth. (As I previously mentioned, she reminds me of Dolly who was in my care and Moccona certainly has the looks of a porcelain doll.)


Even better she just oozes warmth and charm and very quickly wins the hearts of those who meet her. This girl is about 5 months old and is probably a Bull Arab X with her easy going temperament. Moccona has been with us less than a week but it looks like she could already be a foster fail ...(It all depends on how well she gets along with the resident chooks!!!)


Keep an eye on this page to see if she becomes available or ring Sue on 0456664255 to express an interest.


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