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Today we bailed out an older little Shihtzu who has suffered a serious degree of neglect... When he arrived at the pound his coat was so matted, it was stuck in his eyes and causing him lots of discomfort... Thankfully, Jess quickly took him to the vet to have his coat attended to - he was clipped and his eyes cleaned up and medication was dispensed.

Unfortunately, this was a long term issue so, as a result, his right eye has collapsed and has sunken in so he will never see from that eye again... His left eye is marginally better but he does have some limited vision... We will be working with our vet to salvage whatever vision we can from that eye so that he is not totally blind....

In spite of the extreme discomfort Percy has suffered for quite some time, he is such a dear little soul with the gentlest nature..... You just want to cuddle him and keep him safe and comfortable for the rest of his life. ( I have named him Percy which is short for 'perseverence'.)

We are looking for expressions of interest from anyone who can give this boy the love he deserves once we have returned him to the best he can be.....Ring Sue on 0456664255.


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