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She's a Gem Called Sapphire


It isn't often that we have Blue Heelers available for adoption but right now we have two in our care. Our previous post was on Maverick so now it's time to meet Sapphire. This beautiful blue girl is quite small in stature but big on personality. She loves people and is everyone's friend and greets one and all with affection. She will roll over for a belly rub at the merest sign of attention.


Sapphire was left behind alone so she found her way into the street looking for someone to care for her and, of course, it wasn't too long before PHC brought her in under our umbrella. Her time on the streets could account for the fact that she is quite wary of larger dogs so will need time to adjust to canine friends and to realise that she is safe.


Sapphire is a breeze to walk on a lead and she is a clever little gem who listens intently to what you are saying.... She is already learining some simple commands and is showing so much potential.... I'd say she isn't much more than one year old so has a long life ahead.


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